Empowerment of girls in Western Nepal

Thanks to a grant from the Province of Salzburg we were able to support the empowerment of girls in mountain villages in West-Nepal. In this project 280 girls from remote villages were given the opportunity to attend empowerment workshops dealing with the topics safety/protection from violence, health and education as well as empowerment. In particular, (sexualised) violence and cultural taboos regarding menstruation are an additional barrier for girls and women which affects their access to education and their life chances negatively. Knowledge, information, self-assuredness and confidence in their own abilities as well as mutual support and responsibility are important aspects of the  empowerment workshops.

The project will helped to ensure that girls and young women in the target region get access to knowledge, receive information, develop greater self-assuredness and confidence  in their own abilities and feel more competent to stand up for their own opinions.

Our partner organisation Phase Nepal  implemented the project. Phase Nepal has many years of experience in West-Nepal and a record of successful projects in the field of supporting women and girls.

The project was finalized successfully in November 2016.


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