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For EcoHimal, the Society for Cooperation Alps – Himalaya, the commitment towards sustainable development is the foundation for all cooperation in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan. All projects pursue ecological, economic, social and cultural objectives, which are implemented together with the local population in regional development projects. These projects are funded with public money from Austria and Switzerland, and by sponsors and private donors.

Combating poverty and protecting biodiversity in order to ensure sensible co-existence of mankind and nature in the long term – these are the big tasks of all development cooperations.

This applies in particular to all the high mountain ranges of this world – the Himalayas, the Andes as well as the Alps. The valleys and terrace landscapes in the shadow of the world’s highest mountains, from Mount Everest to Nanga Parbat, are home to 100 million people. Preserving these endangered ecosystems and at the same time cultivating them with due caution represents a great challenge.

 Providing people in the Himalayas with better life conditions on a long-term basis and supporting them in taking the development of their region into their own hands – this is the mission of EcoHimal.

20 years and beyond. Development Cooperation Alps-Himalaya. Report 2002-2012

Here you can read about our general work  in the Himalaya.




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