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Here you will find EcoHimal productions (calendars, recordings and books) and some new publications from other publishers. To order them, please contact the respective publishers.To order EcoHimal products, please send us an email with your name and address to: 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go to the project work in Nepal.


30 years and beyond - Development Cooperation Alps-Himalaya

30 Years EcoHimal - 30 Years Development Cooperation Alps-Himalaya.

On 236 pages full of expressive pictures, a book has been created that makes the diverse work of the past three decades visible.

Available for a donation of € 15,- (plus shipping)


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EcoHimal Himalaya Calendar 2022

We are pleased to present you the Himalaya Calendar again this year. As part of our campaign "The way out of poverty is the way to school", we want to build a school and a dormitory for disabled children in Dolpo, one of the poorest districts in Nepal, in the coming year. The earnings from the Himalaya Calendar 2022 will go towards this project.

The production costs for the calendar are fully covered by sponsors.

This high-quality calendar is an excellent Christmas present for friends, family and business partners.

€ 30,- per calendar (plus shipping costs)

We are happy to accept orders from now on - contact.


Dharmachakra - Art Print Card

The sign of the wheel stands for transformation and the eternal circular flow of coming and going. The Dharmachakra is one of the eight Buddhist symbols for fortune. 

The card is in format 15 x 15 cm and is an art print on chlorine-free bleached, environmentally certified paper from sustainable forestry. The envelop is made out of 100% recyclable carton.

The card has been designed by Thoth Adan.

Price: € 7,00 or € 5,00 for members (plus postage)

Item number: 070101

Music from the Himalaya

Double - CD: Music of the Sherpa People of Nepal

"Shebru Dance-Songs from the Everest Region”
Recordings by Gert-Matthias Wegner   
Price: € 21,- or 17,- for members, plus postage
Item number: 020801

CD: Music of the Sherpa People of Nepal II

"Mani Rimdu Ritual Songs & Dances from Thame"
Recordings by Gert-Matthias Wegner
Price: € 14,- or 11,- for members, plus postage
Item number: 021102

Literature from the Himalaya and our projects

Von Yetis und anderen Kreaturen

Folktales from Nepal and Tibet
Illustrated on Lokta Paper, published in German
Price: € 13,- or. 10,- for members, plus postage
Item number: 051103  

Kids of Khumbu. Sherpa Youth on the Modernity Trail

by Kurt Luger
Kathmandu 2000.
Price: € 13,- or. 10,- for member, plus postage
Item number: 080801   

The Gauri Shankar Trekking Area (including Rolwaling)

A Cultural Tour Book
P. East, S. Höivik, M. Petrik, S. Shneiderman, M. Turin (Edit.)
Kathmandu 2003
Price: € 13,- or 10,- for members plus postage
Item number: 012103

Energy from the Top of the World

History of the Thame Powerhouse
Dieter Rachbauer (Edit.)
Price: € 7,- or 5,- for members, plus postage
Item number: 090801

Sherpa Nepali Englisch - A Language Guide for Beginners

by Ang Phinjo Sherpa
Eigenverlag 1999.

Price: € 10,- or 7,- for members, plus postage
Item number: 050801 


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