Duguna Ghadi - Infrastructure development

The catastrophic earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal caused unrecoverable loss of life and serious damage on physical infrastructures like private houses, public buildings, toilets, drinking water systems etc. Sindhupalchowk was declared as “crisis hit” district by the Government of Nepal. Local livelihood in Duguna Ghadi villages of Bhote Koshi Rural Municipality of Sindhupalchowk (Gauri Shankar Consservation Area) was fully affected and people displaced due to heavy damage.

This Rotary project promotes 60 biogas units as an eco-friendly alternative energy integrating agriculture, sanitation/hygiene and livestock production. It represents a source of clean fuel, with numerous environmental benefits – notably, reducing fuelwood consumption, making valuable nutrients available to the soil, and favourable effects on health and hygiene. Both organizations are using their passion, energy, and know-how to ensure sustainable outcomes from the project.

Further, the project is installing basic sanitation and hygiene facilities (toilets, hand-washing facilities) and empowering the local residents to change their sanitation and hygiene behaviour. The project has demonstrated five model biogas-integrated toilets, and toilet construction is continuing. Awareness-raising programmes on improved sanitation and hygiene practices are conducted regularly. Furthermore, trainings have been held on compost and liquid manure preparation and use, as well as cattle-shed improvement. A EcoHimal model forest has been started, to utilize marginal lands and minimize adverse climate impacts.

The village will be newly built, the construction of houses is in progress with the support of Dwarikas hotel group foundation.

Local households are deprived of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities in post-earthquake situation. The local women and girls, who are traditionally responsible for household water and hygiene management, more likely have burden due to lack of water and improved sanitation facilities. In addition, knowledge of local people on good hygiene behavioral practices is poor in the target area.

The project aims at easy access of local population to safe drinking water, improved toilets and hygiene education. The availability of drinking water and establishment of waste water management facilities supports in producing fresh vegetables in kitchen garden. In general, drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities contribute to promote improved livelihood in targeted communities.

Within the Sustainable Development Goals framework (SDG 2016-2030) for the Government of Nepal, the National Planning Commission has targeted SDG 6 to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. The project is fully in line with the Government of Nepal to achieve SDG 6 and its indicators.

The WASH project component is complimented by biogas energy promotion and gray and black water management. With financial support of a network of several Rotary Clubs from Austria (Linz-Leonding as the leading club and Mondseeland), Switzerland (Zurich Knonaueramt), the Rotary Foundation and local host Rotary Club Durbarmarg, Kathmandu, half of the village will be provided with 60 biogas digesters. Rotary finances also capacity building and workshops for craftsmen to ensure the longlasting benefit of the entire installation. The Dwarikas Foundations‘ project “Our Dream Village” is newly building Duguna Ghadi village by constructing private houses of all 11 settlements. The village with 222 households inhabiting a total of 1.180 population can be seen as a model village with holistic livelihood facilities and services.

The project will be implemented with EcoHimal Nepal and other partners in the period of 2019-2025. The agroforest component is under full swing currently.


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