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For now 28 children benefit from the child sponsorship. Two of them are supported through private donors, the other 26 children are directly supported through project donation to EcoHimal.

Bhimsen Rawal, 16 years old and one of our students is a real Chanbhara professional. Chan-what? -you are probably going to ask! Literally translated Chanbhara means "swordplay". This old traditional martial art has its origin in Japan and offers a safe, fun and inspirational method of training and learning how to handle swords.

Bhimsen, who was born in the district of Dolpa in Western Nepal, won the gold medal at the 7th Asian Oceania Sports Chanbhara Championship in Hyderabad, India on August 24 und 25 2013. Click here to see his certificate.
Congratulations! We are really proud and happy to have such a successful athlete among our children in Arunodaya Academy.

Extraordinary activities like this give variety in the daily school life and create new motivation. Bhimsen, for example, is not only a Chanbhara pro. Together with Biplove, Rajan, Rojan, Dawa and Anil, he is also one of the best basket ball players at school. The six regularly participate in competitions and represent their school.

The sport and the participation in competitions do not only have physical advantages for the children, but also promote confidence and team spirit. The kids learn how to carry responsibility, develop relationships and deal with emotional challenges. Keep it up!

Bhimsen´s Chanbhara certificate

A journey of exploration through Kathmandu

The students of our project make regular excursions in Kathmandu and to the near surrounding. By doing so, the children get familiar with the capital city and have nice variations in daily school life.

We would like to thank the student of the HLW St.Pölten for their great support!


Excursion April 2014

Excursion July 2012

Excursion May und November 2011


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